Patio Maintenance

Regular Cleaning & Maintenance of your Patio will increase the life of your product and maintain the warranty.


Regular maintenance is essential to maintain the good looks of your steel product.

It will ensure you receive the maximum possible life-span for a steel product in your location, this is especially important for coloured pre-painted steel.

To maintain the product’s surface, wash it with clean water at least every six months. A more frequent wash is recommended in coastal or industrial areas.

Maintenance must be frequent enough to prevent dust, salts, pollutants and any other material to accumulate on the product and reduce its life. Products that are regularly washed by rain require no additional maintenance.

Avoid installing a steel product near polluted areas or in areas with aggressive environmental factors that could reduce the life of the steel. This includes areas near barbecues, diesel fumes, air-conditioners, clothes dryers, sprinklers, bore water, water softeners and industrial applications.

Environmental Considerations

The area a steel product will be used in needs to be considered. While roofing and purlin materials in outer urban and rural areas may have a life-span in excess of 30 years, this can reduce to only a few years in severe coastal or industrial environments that are close to salt water and pollution.

In both severe and some moderate conditions we would add a Zinc based powdercoat designed for aggressive environments prior to the colour coat being applied. It is also a good idea, and preferable to adopt an increased maintenance program.

In benign and moderate conditions, normal pre-painted steel is suitable. Moderate conditions can still contain salt or moist, acid laden air for up to 1000 metres away from surf or industrial pollution.

Benign conditions are outer urban and rural areas far away from the shoreline. Severe conditions also include areas close to swimming pools and spas.

Zinc/Al, AM, galvanised and pre-painted steel should not be used in these areas without an appropriate maintenance program. Concrete should not be poured against Zinc/Al based products. Any material that retains moisture such as dirt, compost or paving sand should not be placed against steel and Zinc/Al based products.

Check & Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Your gutters are actually an important feature of your home, controlling rainwater and protecting your home’s structure.

Checking your gutters for leaves, sticks and other matter, especially before and after winter, can save you a lot of hassle in the long run, as a clogged gutter can result in roof leaks and water damage!

We recommend checking your gutters:

  • Before Winter: Make sure your gutters are clear before the rain.
  • After Winter: remove any debris that may have blown in during storms.

Get Scrubbing

Giving your outdoor patio a good scrub or wipe down is an important step to avoiding mould from forming and spreading. Depending on the mould it may only need a wipe down to be removed, or in worse cases a good old fashioned scrub may be needed. Once mould has started to appear on your patio, it is hard to remove.

To get scrubbing, use a mild scourer with mild warm soapy water, then rinse it down with fresh water.

Our inside tip: It is best to do this on a crisp morning when there is condensation in the air, if the steel is wet from condensation is it much easier to clean.


The Patio Perfect Difference

While the products we sell are well-designed and durable, they do need some TLC every now and again.

When you consider the benefits of keeping your outdoor patio or carport maintained, it shouldn’t be a chore – rather a way to enjoy your outdoor patio, carport or alfresco area for years to come.

Trust the expert patio builders in Perth – choose Patio Perfect for all your patio design, building and installation needs. Contact the Patio Perfect team today to view the full range of Stratco Outback® patios and see the difference for yourself.

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