Stratco Pavilion Allure – The Perfect Choice for Your Alfresco Extension

For any family that wants that classy Alfresco experience then you need to seriously consider the Pavilion Allure, with it’s modern design, versatility and superior functionality it is a genuinely beautiful alfresco extension – an easy choice to make.

As one of Stratco’s Dealer Partners, Patio Perfect can ensure that customising and installing the Pavilion Allure on your home is a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Patio Perfect is a team who you can deal with personally from start to finish.

Versatility Coupled with Modern Design

A modern design in any outdoor space – be it a patio, vergola or other alfresco extension, is of little benefit unless it is built to be versatile, that’s when it truly becomes the alfresco living area for relaxing and entertaining.

Of course, no one wants an alfrsco extension that looks dated in its design or cheaply made. That’s why Patio Perfect is a proud Stratco dealer – A manufacturer known for quality, the Stratco Pavilion Allure is no exception.

Every component, every angle of the Pavilion Allure is engineered to be the best in sleek modern design right down to colour matched screws. Each louvre is engineered so that is won’t warp, buckle or twist. Anti-rattle weather strips inside each louvre ensure a quiet outdoor living area and still lay even when closed.

The Allure is built with aluminum and stainless steel components for incredible durability, particularly in coastal locations. Additionally‘Severe Environment’ powder coating is available which provides the ultimate protection for any coastal area.

Sunshine or Rain – Ultimate Weather Control

The Pavilion Allure’s louvres can me remotely controlled to make the most of the weather. Get the ideal amount of sunlight for comfort – allow the warmth of that winter sun through or block out the harsh summer sun.

With the ability to precisely adjust the angle of the louvres you can ensure your family enjoys the best of alfresco living.

Rain sensors automatically close the louvres at the first sight of rain, so you never need to worry about leaving them open. The Pavilion Allure has also been designed with water management in mind, rain water gets directed through internal box gutters and away from your home through downpipes.

Control the Breeze and Ventilation

Control over the Pavilion Allure louvres allow you to enjoy refreshing airflow through your alfresco area. Angle them towards the prevailing breeze to bring air in – angle them away to get internal air circulation.

Fully Stratco Engineered and Council Approved

Every Pavilion Allure is engineered and certified by Stratco. With a wide variety of customisable options, whether the structure be attached to your home or free standing.

Installation and house attachment details along with Council approval is arranged by Patio Perfect for a completely hassle-free installation.

Stratco Warranty and Workmanship Warranty
Stratco design and manufacture all components for the Allure and can proudly offer an industry leading warranty.

For locations further than 1km from a salt water body, a 15 year structural and 8 year paint finish warranty applies.

For locations between 1km and 100m from a salt water body, a 15 year structural and 1 year paint finish warranty applies, or if ‘Severe Environment’ powder coatedthen a 15 year structural and 10 year paint finish warranty applies.

Severe Environment Powder Coating
For coastal locations, a special ‘Severe Environment’ powder coating is available in some colours as an option.

This offers a 10 year paint finish warranty and a 15 year structural warranty for the ultimate protection.

Stunning Architectural Appeal – All Season Weather Control


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A genuinely beautiful alfresco extension


Every componant is engineered to be the best in sleek modern design

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