Use the form on the side of this page to leave your name and phone number and we will make an appointment for Dennis or Lisa to visit you. You can also use the form to leave a simple e-mail enquiry or find out more about our DIY patio kits.

Patio Perfect is a twenty year old business providing friendly and experienced service. Dennis will listen to your ideas and offer advice on how we can best provide for your requirements. Dennis is often told by customers that his informative approach and advice was not provided by other companies.

No – quality depends on the type of materials used, and the skill of the fabrication. Patio Perfect is able to offer you the complete range of the upmarket Stratco “Outback” patios and carports as well as standard Homeline patios. All Patio Perfects patios are built using high quality Australian Standard Steel and fabricated at our factory in all shapes and sizes.

Patio Perfect Homeline patios all come with a 10 year structural warranty and all Stratco patios come with a 25 year structural warranty. The Stratco “Outback” range also comes with a guarantee folder.

All patios need a building licence from the local shire and some need a development application. Patio Perfect attends to all applications on your behalf.

Generally a patio roof is not expected to be any other colour than a high gloss, cool and bright roof sheeting. That means Classic Cream, Paperbark or Surfmist. Other colours can be used but are not available in high gloss and therefore do not provide a cool bright finish.

We usually recommend that your carport roof matches the colour of your house to increase its street appeal. As it is not an outdoor living area, it does not need to be a cool, high-gloss material.

We recommend polycarbonate rooflites and gable infills as fibreglass does not look as good and in most applications is only a little cheaper.

Patio Perfect is a family owned business. Dennis and his daughter Lisa hold the sales positions, and along with his wife Lorraine, complete the entire project from sales to getting the job on site ready for installation. We have a number of trained installation teams we work with.

Patios generally take about six weeks.
Sheds with concrete pads take about eight weeks.
Sunroofs and Cooldek (Insulated roof panels) take a little longer.
These times include council approval and fabrication.