Gabled Patios

These gable patios are built with a high tensile high gloss Colorbond roof, decking, beams and columns. All from the same material. These gable patios areas give a touch of class.


Our gable patios have a clear clean look about them with beams and columns fluted for a more appealing finish.

The gable patios can easily serve as an outdoor feature area and also incorporate a flat secondary cover area.

Commonwealth Bank once stated that a good quality patio would increase the home’s value by double the cost. So when it comes to getting a good quality patio then look no further than Patio Perfect. We have over 20 years experience in fabricating patios, we also have the know-how to design and engineer a patio for your specific use. Whether it be a carport, verandah or something else, we will make sure that it is custom built to match your current house.

Flat Patios

Once considered cheap and boring this range of Outback systems has breathed life into this design.

With new innovations and high gloss colorbond fluted beams and columns they are now very much a design option and can be configured with other gable or curved options.


Curved Patios

This is a refreshing new look when covered with the long spaning Outback high gloss decking. With strong curved rafters and the option of ultra bright rooflites a very open area can be achieved.

This is a refreshing difference to using corrigated Colorbond roofing where the only option for curving material is a single sided satin finish.

Carport Designs

Stratco OUTBACK® Carports Hipped or Dutch Gable with Roof color to match your house, coupled with a painted stucco infill and a finial rod, add a touch of class.

These carport designs can be sent to you as a DIY carport kit or we can arrange one of our professional teams to come and fully install the carport for you.



The ultimate way to enjoy all seasons is with an opening louvered patio. Using the same high gloss materials as the gable this design gives the very best of both summer and winter. The electric louvers are aluminum and fitted with a rain sensor for automatic closing when light rain is detected.

Imagine shutting out the sun on a hot summers day and then opening the louvers to let the twilight shine in the evening. Imagine opening the louvers on a sunny winters day and letting the warmth and the light in.



This range of patio systems are fabricated in-house by Patio Perfect for ourselves, for other patio builders and for the DIY industry. They can be gabled, domed or flat and are made from patio tube with a powdercoated finish.

The trusses have ground welds which are treated prior to powdercoating. Purlins and beams are generally cut to size to avoid on site cutting as much as possible.