Gabled Patios

What is a Gable Roofed Patio?

A gable roof patio is defined by its classic shape, which features a pitched roof on two sides and a triangular flat face on the ends. A 22-degree angle pitch is the standard pitch used in most houses. The overall dimensions of the gable patio are generally square or rectangular, depending on the size and shape of your yard, and the location you are working with. Minimal posts and an elevated, angled roof create an open airy space for your patio that is easily enjoyed.

Gable patios are indeed a popular choice and are now available in a variety of styles. A variation from the standard gable – this is a style that features pitched roof on all four sides, similar to a pyramid in shape. Additionally, Dutch Gable patio are available, which features a sloping roof extending off the triangular flat face of the gable, usually used for carports designed to match the roof line of houses. Both options offer the versatility to create the patio you envision, in a style that is sure to suit your home. Furthermore, Patio Perfect offers high gloss or insulated roofing, giving you the freedom to create the patio of your dreams.

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    Benefits of a Gable Patio in Perth

    A gable patio is a beautiful way to create a shaded, airy space for your home and extend your living outdoors. The high ceilings not only create a sense of openness, but this height allows hot air to rise and escape, keeping you and your family cool. A gable patio also provides protection from harsh rain storms, keeping your alfresco space usable even over winter. Available with clear or solid roofing, and in a range of colours to match your home, a gable patio can be designed to blend in with your existing architecture and add value to your home.

    Gable Patios with Patio Perfect

    Patio Perfect has two decades of experience and is an expert in the industry when it comes to designing and building gable patios in Perth. Get in touch today and get started on a gable patio for your home.