What Colour Should My Patio Be?

Outback Clearspan Gable

Are you in the market for a new Stratco Outback® patio or carport, but have no idea how to choose a colour?

While the automatic choice might be to pick a patio that matches the colour of your roof, this isn’t always the best design option!

As experts in building and installing patios in Perth, we have put together a few guidelines to help you choose the right colour for your new patio.



When you choose a gable or flat roof style Stratco Outback® carport, you know that the carport will be stunning regardless of the colour.

However, for carports, it is best to avoid the bold statements or contrasting colours; the general rule is to pick a colour that matches your home.

Picking a Stratco Outback® carport colour that matches your existing roof colour will create a uniform, flowing look and best of all, it will increase your home’s street appeal.


Patios and Entertaining Areas

Gable Patio with Compound Truss
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Outdoor patios are the perfect way to create a space where you can entertain friends and family, create memories and most importantly, relax.

If your patio will be built out the back of your home, or if you plan to spend a lot of time under it, we recommend using a light colour with a bright high gloss finish.

Not only do light colours create a modern, clean feel, they also act as a great way to insulate your patio from the heat.

Colorbond’s double sided high gloss colorbond roof sheets for patios only come in light colours, as light colours reflect the heat and help to keep the space cool even on those hot Perth days. The three colours available in a high gloss are two shades of cream and a shade of white.


Tying Your New Patio Into Your Current Design

If you are worried that a light colour pallet for your patio won’t suit your home, don’t worry! We suggest customising the colour of your gutters and flashing to match the colours of your current guttering.

This is a simple way to tie your existing colour palette to the new patio without changing the whole structure to a darker colour.

At Patio Perfect, we recommend Stratco Outback® patios and carports because they are the well-designed, versatile, durable and provide the best value for money.

Contact Patio Perfect today to speak to our professional team about choosing a Stratco Outback® patio colour that ties perfectly into your home.