What to Consider When Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

It’s no surprise with our stunning Perth weather that many people are looking to add an outdoor kitchen to their home’s exterior. With tons of benefits this addition can transform your outdoor patio, but there are elements to keep in mind when choosing an alfresco cooking space.

Plan in advance

Being able to cook and entertain while enjoying the beautiful sunshine is a cinch with an outdoor kitchen, taking the great Aussie tradition of BBQ to another level. However, an investment such as this requires careful planning as once installed a built in kitchen cannot be easily changed. Take into consideration requirements such as electricity and gas supplies, as well as water availability. These practical essentials need to combine with your existing Perth patio design, to ensure your alfresco dining is safe and comfortable to use. A gabled patio is perfect for hosting an outdoor kitchen as the high roof provides shelter, ensuring the space is usable all year round.

Consider your budget

Like all home improvements you need to be sure of what you can afford. Plan your budget well in advance, taking into consideration what your essentials are and what fall under ‘nice-to-haves’. The kitchen size will be determined by the existing outdoor patio, and the budget you determine will influence the quality of fittings to choose as well as what extras can be afforded for your Perth alfresco dining area.

Plan the layout

While an outdoor kitchen is brilliant for alfresco cooking as it means ease of access to the alfresco space and less trips inside, bear in mind the ideal flow from indoors to outdoors when carrying food and cooking apparatus around. Maximise the space you have, and consider the optimum location of the kitchen as well as the stovetop or BBQ area. While covered cookers don’t necessarily need shelter many people prefer to place their cooking space under a covering such as a flat patio to protect food from the elements.

Design and Accessorize

In order to seamlessly incorporate an outdoor kitchen to your existing Perth patio you need to take style into consideration as well as design practicality. Choosing a colour scheme that compliments your home and outdoor patio is key to creating a stunning alfresco area. The same goes for furniture and other accessories; what form of wood or metal materials already exist around your home and can you choose new additions for your dining area that match or blend in with them? A cohesive design should work with your existing surroundings.

Why choose Patio Perfect?

Make the most of your Perth patio by creating a whole new kitchen space, essentially adding a room onto your home. With over 20 years of experience providing quality patio and alfresco Perth spaces to West Australians, the team at Pato Perfect is well placed to provide you with durable, stylish products. Contact us on (08) 9459 4466, or call into us at 4/14 Mandarin Rd, Maddington, 6109, and speak to a friendly team member today. Enquiries can also be emailed through at patios@patioperfect.com.au.