Flat Roof Patios

Do you have an outdoor space that is currently sitting open and would benefit from some shelter? If that’s the case, consider a flat roof patio from Patio Perfect in Perth. You can trust these top quality patio builders to design and build a patio that will provide protection from elements while matching the style of your house. Make the most of your space with a flat roof patio, a simple yet stylish design that will increase the liveable space of your home.

What is a Flat Roofed Patio?

A flat roof patio is exactly as you’d expect from the name – a horizontal flat roofed structure. It can be built as a free-standing structure, ideal for a carport or cover over a backyard alfresco, or it can be built against an existing wall or structure, extending as a veranda or cover over the front path of a house. The simple shape of a flat patio blends well with many homes, and can be designed to seamlessly match the existing style of the building. Additionally, flat patios can be combined with gable or curved patios, giving you the freedom to create a patio that exactly suits your vision. Patio Perfect creates custom designed patios to match your needs and desires, and are built to size for the space available.

Why Build a Flat Roof Patio?

A flat roof patio is one of the best value patios available, as it is relatively simple and quick to install, therefore decreasing costs. The clean design provides a modern stylish look and suits a multitude of spaces and building styles. The durable construction offers reliable protection from all aspects of weather, be it relentless sunshine, harsh rain and hail, or strong winds and debris. Additionally, flat patios are well suited to narrow areas around the house, or areas of height restrictions, whether they are council regulations or neighbouring trees. A flat roof patio is a simple design that creates a sheltered outdoor space and allows you to easily transform an exposed area into a space to be used and enjoyed by you and your family.

Patio Perfect are the Superior Patio Builders in Perth

Patio Perfect has been designing and building top quality patios in Perth for 20 years. This family-owned business takes pride in their work, offering top-notch craftsmanship from expert patio builders. They are proud to partner with Stratco, a supplier of the highest quality patios and carports, designed with Australian conditions in mind. Patio Perfect offers the Stratco Outback patios, known for exceptional quality and durability. Combined with the unparalleled service and workmanship of their builders, Patio Perfect offers top quality patios and has developed a portfolio of happy customers throughout Perth.

If you are considering a flat roof patio for your home, contact Patio Perfect today. With two decades of experience, their experts can answer all of your questions and help guide you towards the best patio to suit your needs, home, and budget. Call Patio Perfect today!


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