Stratco Outback Sun Roof

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to control the amount of shade, sun and privacy a patio gets? You have 2 quality choices in WA. A Stratco Outback Sunroof, or a Vergola. Both the Sunroof and the Vergola have louvres that can be electronically opened giving you beautiful sunny mornings during the winter months, yet still keeping the rain out. Summer evenings will extend those twilight hours whilst providing that much needed shade during the day. Unlike the Vergola, the Sunroof has beautiful stylish Outback colorbond beams.

A sunroof is a patio that will let you control the weather in your outdoor living area. The louvers are controlled electronically and can be closed or opened depending on your daily changing needs. The system also has a built-in rain sensor that will let its blades close automatically once rain is detected. If you shut off the louvres completely, they form a wonderful ceiling-like interlocking profile which will protect you from the outside weather.

    Benefits of a Sunroof Patio in Perth

    Convenient Control for Perth’s Weather

    The adjustable sun-shade that the Sunroof offers will give you weather protection whenever needed. Its handheld remote controls will let you adjust shade, sunlight and weather shielding through its rotating louvre blades. Together with other styles from the Outback range, you can combine various styles to suit your lifestyle. No other patios in Perth come close to what this has to offer.

    Automatic Rain Detector

    This type of sunroof is fitted with a rain sensor so that its louvres will close automatically whenever rain is detected. This will give people underneath the weather protection they need without having to do anything manually.

    Flexible Design

    A Stratco Outback Sunroof can be bought in either the flat or gable designs. They span up to 3.9 metres for the flat designs while the gable designs can reach up to 7.2 metres. Its excellent blades are powder coated aluminium and have a built-in weather strip, minimising noise while forming a tightened seal.

    Quiet Operation

    The Sunroof has specially designed bushes for its moving parts, allowing its louvres to rotate at a smooth and quiet rate without causing disturbance to those relaxing underneath.

    Patio Perfect – Perth’s Premier Patio Builder & Authorised Stratco Outback Dealer

    At Patio Perfect, we provide all of our clients with quality products. We are a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience. We make sure that every project we undertake gets the best effort from our experts.

    All of the materials that we use are of the highest quality, and the final result is of excellent workmanship. We will also take care of council approvals, so you don’t have to. Getting a patio that has been made by our professionals is very easy and convenient.

    Patio Perfect has been an Authorised Stratco Dealer since the launch of the Outback range over 12 years ago.

    For those who are looking for a quality Stratco Outback Patio, you can give us a call or check out our website to learn more.