Homeline Curved Patios

The design is recognised by the curved roof that it is known for, which provides a canopy over an outdoor area. As with all our patios, Curved patios can be powder coated to give owners the option to match colours to their homes.

Offering sophistication and style with the smooth lines of its curved roof, curved patios are designed to be either freestanding or connected to the house. Combined with a flat roof or a pergola, it becomes a merged part of any home just like it had always been there.

Stratco Multispan Curved Patio

A multispan curved patio roof design has purlins which are placed over its rafters in the roof. Such a feature will be able to support the choice of cladding you want from single or twin wall polycarbonates, classic corrugated steel or smooth Outback deck. This is an excellent patio roof if you are looking to achieve a level of colour or light in your area.

Stratco Clearspan Curved Patio

For those interested in a sleek and unique curved roof patio design, the Stratco Clearspan Curved Roof Patio is an ideal choice that brings with it a contemporary flair. Outback Clearspan curved roof patios avoid using rafters and beams as much as possible and instead uses the durable, strong outback deck in their place. This feature will give you a roof area that is clutter-free and clean. Furthermore, it will have a ceiling-like look when seen from underneath. Its uncluttered look from below gives it an elegant appeal to those that want to relax outdoors. You also won’t have to clean this area much as it doesn’t gather pests and dust as much. There are also rooflites available to brighten your space here.

    Benefits of Curved Patios in Perth

    The curved patio is great if you want to design a space outdoors that your family is going to love. It is a great place to enjoy activities with your loved ones especially with the many features that you can include here.

    Curved Patio with Patio Perfect

    Our expert patio team can assess your needs and will listen to your instructions. They can then give you feedback on what will suit your home best.

    We at Patio Perfect are the best choice you can have when you’re looking to have patios installed in Perth. The years of experience that we have designing and building patios that match what our clients need will allow us to provide what you need right now. If you’re interested in having the perfect curved patio installed right now, make sure to contact us for your needs!