What’s the difference between a patio and a pergola?

Simply explained, a patio is waterproof where a pergola is not. There are great benefits to both options.

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A pergola can have no roof cover, shade cloth, or Shade Blades. A frame with no cover makes a supportive trellis for vines. A grapevine growing over a pergola provides wonderful shade in summer.

A pergola with shade cloth protects plants and veggie gardens from the harsh Australian sun, giving you a colourful garden and a fruitful harvest. Although shade cloth can also be used over an entertaining area, we recommend it is removed each winter as the trapped moisture provides the perfect environment for mildew to grow on your pavers/concrete.

The final option for a pergola is to add Shade Blades. Shade Blades are installed on an angle which provides shade in summer when the sun is directly overhead and allows the winter warmth to come in when the sun is lower on the horizon. Although they are the most expensive option, they are also the best option for an entertaining area and require the least amount of maintenance. They are installed in a fixed position and cannot be opened.

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A patio is perfect for outdoor living and entertaining. Made with either polycarbonate or Colorbond roof sheets, it provides full rain protection. Grey polycarbonate is a great choice for anyone who would like to maintain a beautiful view and is most popular in the Perth hills.

The double-sided, high gloss Colorbond made specifically for patios is the coolest, and brightest option available without using a more expensive insulated panel. It comes in two cream colours and white and the difference in temperature and brightness is truly amazing. The frame, gutters, and posts can then be in the same colour to match, or a contrasting colour to match the design of your house and to suit your individual tastes.

Patios and pergolas are custom made to suit the style and size of your house and come in a wide variety of designs and colours.