How to Keep Your Patio Warm During Perth’s Winter

We obviously love hanging out under a patio, and we love bringing that pleasure to the homes of all our clients. Perth is a great place to own a patio because there are so many days of the year that you can use it. But your patio isn’t just for the summer. It’s great to spend time outside any time of the year, breathing fresh air, drinking a nice hot tea or coffee, while still enjoying your privacy. With Patio Perfect providing the tools and products, you can perfect your patio for winter use, so it’s comfy and cosy on even the coolest nights!

Textures and Heaters

There’s no getting around the fact, winter can be cold. But that doesn’t mean you have to be cold under your patio during winter! The first thing you can do to bring some warmth to your patio is including some outdoor rugs, blankets and cushions to your space. Not only does this create visual depth and interest, but it provides physical warmth for you and your guests, and even an opportunity for a romantic moment with your partner.

You can also install one of a range of outdoor heaters that will warm up a patio of any size. With a wide variety of both freestanding and wall mounted heaters available, you are sure to find your perfect match.

Patio Blinds

Did you know that Perth is one of the world’s windiest cities? It might come up on your next pub trivia quiz, but it’s also important to consider for building and maintaining a warm, comfortable patio environment. You may like to consider including blinds that will exclude the harsher winds, keeping some of the wind out, and the warmth in. Whatever and wherever your patio, at Patio Perfect we can help you find solutions for a great winter patio experience.

Patio Builders Perth

If you’re thinking of building a patio at your home but aren’t sure if you’ll get much use out of it, don’t worry! At Patio Perfect, we can help you build and fit a patio that suits your needs, and ensures you get the most out of your space all year round. We can provide great DIY kits for you to get the satisfaction of building your own patio or we can provide a full design and build service and take the headache out of the patio process for you.

Don’t let the cold stop you! Give us a call and start your patio party today!