What to consider when selecting a carport

What Types of Carports Are There?

Carports are a smart investment to protect all vehicles, as they provide protection from the elements. A high-quality carport in Perth should not only safeguard your car, boat or other vehicles, but blend seamlessly with existing buildings.

Available in all sizes and variations, carports can be customised to your needs and built to size. Consider whether a single, double, or multi-storage carport is required, and if it should be free-standing or attached to an existing structure. The finished design could be gable or flat roof style, with a wide range of colours and styles available.

Don’t Make the Carport Look Like an Afterthought

It’s important when building a carport to ensure the structure works seamlessly with the home, making the design, colours, and finishes crucial. Use a similar coloured roof to that of the house to avoid a new carport looking like an eyesore. Work with experienced builders to find the right style for the existing structures, and avoid the carport looking out of place.

Check Local and State Regulations

An important step in adding a carport is to check local and state regulations, to ensure you do not build an illegal structure. Each state and local area will have their own requirements and regulations, and may require building permits. Skipping this step can lead to building delays, additional costs, and even legal trouble, so ensure proper approvals are in place.

Try To Get a Carport That Accesses Your House Directly

A great benefit of installing a carport in Perth is that it can usually provide direct access from the car to the house, without exposure to the elements, like rain. This increases the convenience of a carport, particularly for those with children. Discuss this with experienced builders to see if it is possible to get direct access from carport to home.

Choose a Colour That Compliments Your House

A carport should blend seamlessly with existing builds, and a key element of this is colour. If possible choose the same colours as the house to ensure cohesion and to avoid the carport looking like an afterthought. Otherwise be sure to select a complementary colour that creates balance, and ensures the street appeal of the home.

Why choose Patio Perfect?

A well-built carport can provide much-needed shelter for your car, direct access to the home, as well as work seamlessly with any existing builds by utilising existing styles, colours, and materials.

For high-quality Perth carports, look no further than Patio Perfect. With over 20 years of experience creating customised, long-lasting carports in Perth, they have the skills and expertise to fit every need.

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