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Getting the best out of your patio in Winter

Video Don’t let Winter restrict you to being indoors, a patio with an outdoor heater will allow you to use your outdoor space all year round!  Instead of curling up on the couch when it’s rainy outside, go to the patio instead and huddle around the heater. If it’s a wood burner or fire pit, […]

Patio Maintenance


A few small maintenance and cleaning tasks throughout the year will keep your patio looking its best and will increase its potential life & maintain your warranty. Autumn is a good time to clean your patio to ensure gutters are free of leaves and debris for the upcoming rainy season!   Regular Patio Maintenance is […]

DIY Patio Installation Vs Professional Patio Installation, which is right for you?

Having a great outdoor space to entertain friends, enjoy the summer weather or just hang out, really adds value to your home, both financially and emotionally. If you’re thinking of building a patio, you may be wondering whether DIY is the way to go, rather than employing a company to complete the job. Both options […]