DIY Patio Installation Vs Professional Patio Installation, which is right for you?

Having a great outdoor space to entertain friends, enjoy the summer weather or just hang out, really adds value to your home, both financially and emotionally. If you’re thinking of building a patio, you may be wondering whether DIY is the way to go, rather than employing a company to complete the job.

Both options are viable and have their benefits. Let’s have a look at what each offers, why you might choose them, and why you might not.

DIY Patio Installation

Pro: It’s cheaper to DIY. There’s no getting around it, it’s cheaper not to pay for labour. If you’re willing to do the job yourself, and pay the cost of labour in your own time, then the hit to your bank account will be smaller.

Pro: Satisfaction. Building a patio yourself will mean that, each time you look outside, each time you enjoy the outdoor area, you will enjoy it that little bit more knowing you put it together with your own hands. People love DIY for a reason.

Con: Some skill required. While Patio Perfect offers great DIY kits, you will need some skill to put it together, and if you are going to be learning on the job, you may make some mistakes along the way. That may be something you find rewarding too, if you enjoy the learning process. But be careful – some mistakes can be costly.

Con: Time. If you are going to DIY your patio, it will likely take longer to complete than a professional doing the same job. Employing a professional means the task will be completed far more efficiently than you can achieve as an amateur. It’s likely that you will also only be able to complete work on your patio in the evenings and on weekends, whereas a professional will spend the working day doing the job. What you gain in your money you will lose in your time.

Professional Patio Installation

Pro: Time and quality. Professional builds are faster and often higher quality builds. If you select a professional for the job, you will part with more of your money on labour, but you will also know that the job gets done right, and you can simply enjoy it faster.

Pro: Problem solving. You have the comfort of knowing that, if there is a problem along the line, you don’t have to call someone to help you. The professional builder will take care of it.

Pro: Complexity. If you choose to DIY your patio, unless you are yourself a builder, you may have to settle for reasonably simple design choices and some generic styles. When you select a professional builder for the job, you can customise far more of the design and get a more personal result.

Con: Money. Labour and customisation cost money. You can expect your professionally designed and installed patio to cost more than a DIY kit patio that you built with your own hands.

Patio Builders Perth

If you’re thinking of how to get a patio you love, but can’t decide how best to go about it, why not come in and talk to us at Patio Perfect. We are experienced professional patio builders, and we also have many DIY patio kits that you can buy and put together yourself in your own time.

We are always happy to discuss your needs and help you evaluate the benefits and pitfalls of each option, and support you in choosing the perfect patio plan for you.

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