Patio Maintenance


A few small maintenance and cleaning tasks throughout the year will keep your patio looking its best and will increase its potential life & maintain your warranty.

Autumn is a good time to clean your patio to ensure gutters are free of leaves and debris for the upcoming rainy season!


Regular Patio Maintenance is Key  

It is important to get into the habit of regularly looking after your patio.

Regular maintenance of your patio will reduce the chance of staining, increase the longevity of the structure and reduce the amount of spring cleaning you have to do.

Spray Down Roof Sheeting & Structure

While we tend not to pay a great deal of attention to our roof, it’s important to give your patio roof and structure some attention at least twice a year.

To wash your patio roof down, all you need is a mild cleanser such as washing detergent, a spray hose pack from your local hardware store and a can-do attitude.

Regular cleaning of your roof can remove any nasty spiders, dust and if you live coastal, salt build up. It is particularly important to get rid of salt build up as it can cause premature ageing and reduce the longevity of your patio.

If you are keeping up with maintenance, you will never need to clean with a high-pressure cleaner!

Keep Furniture Covered

Even if your outdoor patio furniture claims to be UV and water resistant, you should do your best to protect your furniture from rain, moisture, and sun damage by keeping it away from the outside edges of your patio.

Check & Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Your gutters are actually an important feature of your home, controlling rainwater and protecting your home’s structure.

Checking your gutters for leaves, sticks and other matter, especially before and after winter, can save you a lot of hassle in the long run, as a clogged gutter can result in roof leaks and water damage!

We recommend checking your gutters:


  • Before Winter: Make sure your gutters are clear before the rain.
  • After Winter: remove any debris that may have blown in during storms.

Get Scrubbing

Giving your outdoor patio a good scrub or wipe down is an important step to avoiding mould from forming and spreading. Depending on the mould it may only need a wipe down to be removed, or in worse cases a good old fashioned scrub may be needed. Once mould has started to appear on your patio, it is hard to remove.

To get scrubbing, use a mild scourer with mild warm soapy water, then rinse it down with fresh water. Alternatively, use a long-handled broom and a bucket of soapy water

Our inside tip: It is best to do this on a crisp morning when there is condensation in the air, if the steel is wet from condensation it is much easier to clean.


The Patio Perfect Difference

While the products we sell are well-designed and durable, they do need some TLC every now and again.

When you consider the benefits of keeping your outdoor patio or carport maintained, it shouldn’t be a chore – rather a way to enjoy your outdoor patio, carport or alfresco area for years to come.

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