If you are tired of parking in the open, look no further than a custom designed carport from Patio Perfect in Perth. A carport not only shelters your car, but is a valuable investment for your home and vehicle. By safeguarding your car from the elements you are protecting against unexpected damage. With a range of styles and colours available, the carport creates an additional alfresco space for your house that blends seamlessly with the existing architecture.

    Patio Perfect creates custom designed carports to suit your home. After consultation with the builders, a carport is designed to match your needs and in the style you prefer. Single, double, or multi carports are available, and can be built to size. Whether you intend to park a compact car, boat, or caravan, Patio Perfect can design and build a carport to bespoke specifications.

    Similar to a patio, carports can be built in a gable or flat roof style. This will be determined after discussion with experienced builders who can guide you towards the best design to suit your needs and match your vision. A carport can be free standing or attached to an existing wall or structure. This gives you the freedom to create the carport you need. With a wide range of colours and styles available, a carport from Patio Perfect will blend effortlessly with your existing build, and won’t look like an afterthought.

    Patio Perfect is a proud authorised Stratco Outback dealer, a company known for the highest quality patios and carports available in Australia, and offer the Stratco Outback Carport. The materials used are designed specifically for Australian conditions, and are built to last while looking as good as new, year after year. Combining Stratco superior products with Patio Perfect’s uncompromising attention to detail means that customers are getting the best built carports available in Perth.


    There are many benefits to installing a carport for your home. Firstly, you are protecting your car, boat, or caravan from the elements. From relentless summer sun, to winter storms bringing hail and debris, to the accidental footy ball from the neighbours, keeping your vehicle under cover keeps you from unexpected damage and costly insurance claims.

    Additionally, a carport provides a new level of convenience to daily tasks. No longer will you worry about unloading the car in the rain, or entering a scorching hot car that has been sitting in the sun. A carport shelters your vehicle and keeps you comfortable.

    Furthermore, a carport adds value to your home. When it comes time to sell, homebuyers see the value in a carport; protecting vehicles from weather and potential theft. A carport is also creating an additional alfresco space, which can be used for entertaining and special occasions.

    Patio Perfect has 20 years of industry experience, and are experts are designing and building carports in Perth. They create custom designs to suit your needs, and take pride in offering unparalleled service. Contact the team at Patio Perfect today to design a carport for your home.