5 Benefits of Having a Sunroof Patio


Have you ever wished you could adjust your Perth patio depending on the weather? Well now you can! A sunroof patio gives you complete control over how your outdoor space functions, letting you bask in the sunshine when you want and shelter from the rain on those damper days.

Optimise your patio to make the most of the weather

Us Perth residents are pretty lucky when it comes to sunny weather, but sometimes the rays can hit a little too hard. A sunroof patio allows you to take control of the weather in your own backyard with an easy design that accommodates how much light you want to shine through, or keep all that rain out! A vergola or sunroof brings louvres that can be electronically opened to easily manage the sun, shade, and showers, ensuring your patio space can be used comfortably at any time of year. The Stratco Outback sunroof design even has built-in rain sensors that close automatically when the rain hits, sealing out the drizzle for complete protection.

Choose from an array of colours

The superior design of Patio Perfect’s sunroofs are created with style in mind, adding to the existing build of your home and garden with quality colorbond products available in an array of colours. These options ensure your personal taste is reflected in a durable manner that will last for years to come. Colorbond steel is a modern choice that doesn’t age, with contemporary tones of muted blues and greys to neutral tones of tan and cream as well as contemporary reds and greens to beautifully compliment any existing colour scheme.

Modern, striking design

You’ll be impressed how easily a sunroof blends into your existing patio, with subtle controls available on remote control or wall switch. The louvres, or blades, lie completely flat when closed and blend seamlessly into the modern design of the sunroof and then open to 135 degrees for complete sun control when required. The Stratco Outback sunroof has a stunning, contemporary style that comes in both flat or gable designs with slick aluminium blades that open and close silently without disturbing anyone who may be relaxing underneath.

More Efficient Airflow

While most patio roofs can block out the harsh sun, they also limit airflow to your outdoor space which can be stifling in the stuffy Perth summer months. Rather than installing a solid sheet as  a roof, an adjustable sunroof means sleek rotating louvres are in place to let air through when you need that refreshing breeze to flow through. The wide 200mm flat aluminium blades on Stratco Outback sunroofs can be adjusted at a touch of a button, sealing closed into a contained roof when needed.

Why choose Patio Perfect?

With over 20 years of experience, the team at Patio Perfect has the knowledge and expertise on everything patio to offer you. Whether you are in the market to completely update your outdoor space or add a striking adjustable sunroof to your Perth patio, our top quality products are guaranteed to deliver durability as well as style. Contact us on (08) 9459 4466, or call into us at 4/14 Mandarin Rd, Maddington, 6109, and speak to a friendly team member today. Enquiries can also be emailed through at patios@patioperfect.com.au.
This shows that Stratco are confident their products will last longer than any of our competitors