Stratco OutbackⓇ Sunroof Vs. Vergola


Stratco Sunroof Vs. Vergola: Choosing the Right Open Roofing System for Your Property

Comparing Stratco Sunroof and Vergola? Learn more about the pros and cons of each to decide which open roofing system works best for your home.

Stratco OutbackⓇ Sunroof

Designed specifically for use at home, the Stratco Sunroof offers an appealing, functional and durable solution to light and ventilation control. Plus, enjoy a 15 year structural warranty, 8 year paint finish warranty and 5 year installation warranty on your Stratco Sunroof.

Stratco OutbackⓇ Sunroof
Stratco OutbackⓇ Sunroof
  • Made from 150mm high gloss Outback fluted beams, with a high tensile steel frame, with a beautiful high gloss finish
  • The moving louvers use specially designed bushes for whisper quiet performance, and the blades are driven by a powerful 24 volt DC linear actuator for reliable long life operation.
  • Aluminium blades are resistant to rust, pool chemicals and salt
  • Built-in air gaps in the louvers offer extra insulation
  • The sleek high gloss louvres attract minimal dust and are easy to clean and maintain
  • Louvre ends and link rods are colour matched to ensure a sleek design, available in seven different colours
  • Remote control operated with a rain sensor for automatic closure
  • Sleek Profile Steel control box
  • In-built weather strip to minimise noise and form a tight seal between the louvers
  • Colorbond box gutter system that hides fixing points and conceals brackets for a smooth look
  • Strong and well-engineered beams mean a Stratco Sunroof can span 3.9m for flat areas and 7.2m span for gable designs
Stratco OutbackⓇ Sunroof Positions

Vergola by Vergola WA

Vergola products, manufactured by Vergola WA, are designed to provide homeowners with flexibility when it comes to their outdoor living space. While the two competitors might seem similar at first glance, Vergola products may require more maintenance and attention in contrast to Stratco Sunroof, and do not come with a high gloss finish. Vergola products come with a 5 year warranty.

Vergola Patio
Vergola Patio
  • 250mm unpainted beams that need additional work to be covered
  • Constructed from solid steel frames that are built to last
  • The louvres rotate on hard-wearing, greaseless, nylon bearings which are impermeable to moisture and UV radiation
  • Build in air gaps in the Aluminium louvers for additional insulation
  • Unpainted louvre ends and link rods require additional work and costs if you want all pieces painted.
  • Rain sensor designed to automatically close louvres
  • Remote controlled
  • Plastic control box
  • Can be positioned in both vertical and horizonal orientations
  • A vergola can span up to 3.9 metres

So Which Opening Roofing System?

While both products are very similar, when it comes to design, quality, and value-for-money, the Stratco Sunroof comes out on top. Engineered and built with premium materials, the Stratco Sunroof requires minimal maintenance and offers an extensive warranty for your peace of mind. Vergola products are by no means poor quality, they just do not come with the high-gloss finish, can have extra costs and a limited warranty.

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